Real money for real games

Esports have taken over the world, further gone on to get the global recognition they deserve. After all, they’re real games with real people who are willing to give it all they’ve got. From Dota to Valorant, there is a myriad of amazing companies you can choose from. Each has its set of amazing teams with skilled players that are known across the globe. So, while they work hard to ace the next match, will you just sit there and watch? At 1xbit, you can do a lot more than streaming the game.

Place bets with confidence

With great risk, comes high rewards. Nobody likes to make the wrong prediction but getting even one right can be your one-way ticket to the life of your dreams. Esports are incredibly challenging and oftentimes, not easy to predict. However, those who are fond of the category know that the best players have staggering chances of winning if not every time than most. When you place a bet on our platform, you get to see what others are putting their money in as well.

Thrilling bitcoin cash outs

It is no secret that esports is the future. With more and more people shifting to their screens to embrace the online world of games, the earlier you get in, the stronger the thrill! Betters who win money from our platform can cash out in cryptocurrency without having to deal with pesky regular cash! You can receive the payments right into your wallet without waiting for the bank to clear the transaction. Safe to say, 1xbit creates win-win situations that enable unique financial flexibility when it comes to esports betting.